You'll love this resource because...

  • Done for you content

    This resource delivers the preliminary steps required before getting to the build.

  • It's easy to navigate

    Short videos, downloadable resources all done to simplify the process for you.

  • In one location

    Everything you need is placed right at your finger tips, in one central location.

Resource Overview

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    • How to use this resource

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    Financing an Owner Build

    • Funding an owner build

    • Get ready to apply for a loan

    • Structure of an owner build loan

    • Managing cash flow

    • A Quick Quiz

  • 3

    The Design Process

    • The Design Worksheet

  • 4

    The Checklist

    • The Pre-planning Checklist

    • Additional Links

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    Next Steps

    • Where to from here?

    • Tell me what you think!


  • Why should I access this resource?

    What would we love more of? TIME! This resource was developed to simplify the early stage of planning a build therefore saving you time and overwhelm. You don't need to Google the heck out of how to start an owner build project - it's been done for you! The Pre-planning Checklist includes 48 steps, yep, you read that right :)

  • Who is this resource suitable for?

    This resource is absolutely suitable for - 1) Anyone who is considering owner building and is curious on what it involves especially how to 'finance' an owner build 2) Anyone who has decided to be an owner build and wants help with the steps required before getting to the build (did I mention the Checklist has 48 items?) OR 3) Those who are treading the traditional path of getting a builder and want to educate themselves and be part of the process.

  • What are the steps on the Checklist?

    The Checklist assumes you've already purchased a block of land, or if renovating, an existing home. The Checklist then takes you through the steps required to get you ready to break ground. Did I mention there are 48 steps?

  • Who delivers the resource?

    The 'How to Finance an Owner Build' section has been done in consultation with a finance expert with over 20 years experience including helping owner builders finance their project. Liz Murphy - Founder, trainer, facilitator and lover of the build process features in the video component of the resource.

  • How is the resource delivered?

    This resource is a combination of videos as well as downloadable, fillable worksheets and the odd quiz to cement your learning. It's super easy to follow!

  • Can I pay on a payment plan?

    This resource is offered at a super affordable, upfront price of $49.00 making it a no-brainer to access!

  • Can I access the resource once completed?

    Absolutely you can! Access it til your heart's content :)

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