You'll love this tool because...

  • It's what you need

    The build sequence, trades, materials and quality checklist all by stage.

  • Ah, the simplicity

    The downloadable resources are designed to simplify the process for you.

  • In one location

    Everything you need in one fancy, easy to follow, central location!

The Overview

  • 1


    • How to use this resource

    • What should be done by now!

    • Glossary of Building Terms

  • 2

    Before Breaking Ground

    • Site Preparation

  • 3

    Stage One

    • The Foundation

  • 4

    Stage Two

    • The Frame

  • 5

    Stage Three

    • To Lock Up

  • 6

    Stage Four

    • The Internal Fit Out

  • 7

    Stage Five

    • The External Fit Out

  • 8

    Final Completion

    • The Last Steps

  • 9

    The Project Plan

    • Manage the build like a Pro!

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    Thank you!

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  • Why should I access this tool?

    A successful build comes down to how organised you are, your exceptional planning ability and how much you've educated yourself on the build process. This tool will help you tick all the boxes. For example, the already populated Project Plan, immediately reduces an enormous amount time and research. Oh, and the recommended quality checks to do at each stage? Worth their weight in gold!

  • Who is this tool suitable for?

    It's suitable for individuals who want to get a step ahead and start to understand the build process - maybe even start to map out their project plan. You maybe well into the pre-planning stage or you're curious as to what the build process is all about.

  • What type of build does it cover?

    The build sequence is for a new build, single story, concrete slab, timber frame home. HOWEVER. It's a brilliant tool that will educate you on the build process as well as what quality checks to do along the way (the what can go wrong). But there is more! The 'done for you' Project Plan is provided for a single story AND a double story plus it has the flexibility to add or remove steps specific to your build.

  • What about a double story new build?

    The build sequence is for a single story however there is a separate Project Plan available for a double story. In fact, there are only a few additional steps added into the Project Plan for a double story, concrete slab, timber frame.

  • What building materials are listed?

    It's important to remember that all builds are different therefore when it comes to materials, they too will be different. The Materials Checklist provides the main materials at each stage of the build.

  • Who delivers the content?

    The content has been developed in consultation with two registered builders. It's their expertise that has guided the build process, what trades and materials are required (and when) and most importantly, what can go wrong at each stage of the build. Liz Murphy - Founder, trainer, facilitator and lover of the build process also features in the video component of the course.

  • How is the tool delivered?

    The tool is broken down into the stages of build and includes a short video plus downloadable worksheets by stage. The worksheets are designed to be printed, filed and used as a go-to throughout your build. The Project Plan is an already populated Excel spreadsheet.

  • Can I pay on a payment plan?

    I know that every dollar counts for owner builders, it's why I've intentionally priced this course at an affordable one-off amount of $89.00.

  • Can I access the tool once completed?

    Absolutely! You can access this tool anytime, anywhere (Desktop or Mobile) for as long as you wish :)

The Investment

An affordable, one-off upfront payment of $89.00.